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Are you ready to increase the visibility of your business even further? There is no other place to search! The Walsall advertising screens that Midpoint LED provides may be used for years to come as a source of promotion in addition to giving your audience an interesting experience.

Why Choose Midpoint LED for Walsall Advertising Screens?

With cutting-edge technology, our Walsall Advertising Screens on the M5/M6 provide breath-taking images with unmatched brightness and clarity. Even in the middle of the Walsall's bustle, your message will be clear.
With our customisable displays, you can perfectly personalise your advertising plan. We provide adaptable solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements, whether you're marketing a good, a service, or an occasion.

Walsall Advertising Screen on the motorway

Walsall advertising you can trust

Invest with confidence! Our Walsall advertising screens are built to withstand the weather, so no matter what the conditions, they will always be dependable and strong. You can rely on Midpoint LED to maintain the brightness of your message come rain or shine.

Our commitment to your success doesn't end with the sale. You can feel secure knowing that your Walsall advertising screens are always in top shape and providing you with the best advertising in the UK thanks to our dedicated support and maintenance services.

M5/M6 Walsall Advertising Screens

At Midpoint LED, we understand how valuable your time and money are. Our Walsall advertising screens are designed to be simple to use and install, ensuring maximum impact with the least amount of effort.

You can precisely contact the individuals you wish to reach with our location-based targeting. We make sure that potential customers see our strategically placed Walsall advertising screens as much as possible by placing them along important motorways.

Walsall Advertising Screen

Make a Statement with Walsall Advertising Screens!

Don't pass up the chance to influence the individuals you are attempting to contact. A plethora of pleased customers who have already felt the Midpoint LED difference greet you. Using visually striking and results-driven Walsall advertising displays, you may enhance your brand.

With a free consultation, let us help you realise the full potential of your brand on the Walsall.

Walsall Advertising plans to suit you

3,674,496 Impacts per fortnight

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Motorway based Walsall advertising screens

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  • 3,674,496 Impacts per fortnight
  • Europe's Largest Freestanding LED Screen
  • 20 Second advertising segments
  • Located on the M6 / M5 Link
  • Northbound Coverage
  • Southbound Coverage
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Walsall advertising screens by Midpoint LED

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  • Over 1 million people attend an event, conference, match or the Bescot Market a year
  • Additional screen covering the main car park
  • 3 sided
  • 15 second adverts

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