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Are you prepared to take your brand's visibility to the next level? There's nowhere else to look! In addition to offering your audience an engaging experience, the motorway advertising screens that Midpoint LED provide may be utilised for years to come as a means of promoting.

Why Choose Midpoint LED for Motorway Advertising Screens?

Our Motorway Advertising Screens boast state-of-the-art technology, delivering stunning visuals with unparalleled clarity and brightness. Your message will shine bright, even amidst the hustle and bustle of the motorway.

Tailor your advertising strategy to perfection with our customizable screens. Whether you're promoting a product, service, or event, we provide flexible solutions that cater to your unique needs.

Walsall Motorway Advertising Screen

Motorway advertising you can trust

Invest with assurance! Because our motorway advertising screens are made to endure the elements, they will remain reliable and durable in any kind of weather. Rain or shine, you can count on Midpoint LED to keep your message bright.

Our dedication to your achievement is ongoing beyond the transaction. With our committed support and maintenance services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your Motorway Advertising Screens are constantly in excellent condition and giving you the greatest advertising in the UK.

M5/M6 Motorway Advertising Screens

We at Midpoint LED recognise the importance of your time and money. Our motorway advertising screens are built for effortless operation and installation, guaranteeing maximum impact with the least amount of work.

With our location-based targeting, you can precisely reach the people you want to reach. Our carefully positioned motorway advertising screens along busy roads ensure that potential clients will see them as much as possible.

Motorway Advertising Screen

Make a Statement with Motorway Advertising Screens!

Don't miss the opportunity to make an impact on the people you are trying to reach. You're greeted with a host of satisfied clients who have previously experienced the Midpoint LED difference. You may improve your brand with results-oriented and eye-catching motorway advertising screens.

Let us help you unlock the true potential of your brand on the motorway with a personalized consultation today.

Motorway Advertising plans to suit you

3,674,496 Impacts per fortnight

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Walsall motorway advertising screens

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  • 3,674,496 Impacts per fortnight
  • Europe's Largest Freestanding LED Screen
  • 20 Second advertising segments
  • Located on the M6 / M5 Link
  • Northbound Coverage
  • Southbound Coverage
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motorway advertising screens in Walsall

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  • Over 1 million people attend an event, conference, match or the Bescot Market a year
  • Additional screen covering the main car park
  • 3 sided
  • 15 second adverts

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