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3,674,496 Impacts per fortnight

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  • 3,674,496 Impacts per fortnight
  • Europe's Largest Freestanding LED Screen
  • 20 Second advertising segments
  • Located on the M6 / M5 Link
  • Northbound Coverage
  • Southbound Coverage

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  • Over 1 million people attend an event, conference, match or the Bescot Market a year
  • Additional screen covering the main car park
  • 3 sided
  • 15 second adverts

Where Is The M6 Motorway Digital Screen

M6 Display Advertising Board

With more commuters on the road than ever before, choosing a motorway advertising billboard to market your business is an excellent way to reach out to many potential customers when they commute, work and socialise with minimal effort required to reap benefits.

Research has shown that outdoor advertising reaches 98% of the population, and there are 53% more cars on the road than there were 30 years ago. This means more consumers are seeing billboard advertising today than ever before!

Where Is Our M6 Advertising Screen Located?

Our M6 advertising screen could not be more visible, in a perfectly selected location to maximise effect to oncoming traffic and gain their interest. Located on one of the UK’s busiest motorways, it impacts over 3.6 million per fortnight! This is a worthwhile investment for guaranteed results, higher brand visibility and awareness. We are also recognised as Europe’s largest freestanding LED Screen!

The strategic placement of the LED screen targets people visiting popular consumer hotspots close by, such as IKEA, The Broadwalk Retail Park and Gallagher Shopping Park.

The M6 freestanding LED screen is conveniently outside Walsall Football Club’s stadium, with the Rugby and Golf club minutes away. The regular Sunday Bescot Market is also held outside the football stadium, with over 300 stalls, attracting a large weekly footfall.

Advertise on Midpoint LED’s M6 Outdoor Digital Advertising Screen

As a leading provider of motorway advertising boards, we know what works and how to get the most from our reach. We will work with you to advise on how we can maximise the message you want to give.

Our large duo screen offers full northbound and southbound coverage, and 20-second advertising segments, your business gets good daily exposure. It will do your advertisement justice, with crisp and high-quality image and video. You can be sure that the bright and colourful screen will attract the driver’s attention and make them take notice!

We also have the option to advertise on a separate slightly smaller trio screen to cover all angles, as well as the main stadium car park and onlooking retail park. We offer 15 seconds adverts on this screen, perfect to increase coverage further.

The Benefits of Motorway Advertising to Your Business

External digital advertising screens are recognised as a valuable advertising method due to the huge reach of people it targets daily. People cannot turn it off like TV or radio or need to purchase something such as a newspaper to see your advert.

Billboard advertising works is known as a form of interruption marketing, meaning they attract attention when the target audience is in daily life. An advertising billboard is hard to ignore and has a definite high reach of people every day for a very reasonable cost.

The main goal of any advertising campaign is brand recall. Billboard advertising has a huge part to play in this, as continued exposure in prominent places will be more likely to result in people being able to remember and purchase from your business. People often travel the same routes each day for work, meaning if the same advert is displayed on numerous days, it will be easily stored in their mind.

Advertisements can be targeted out of hours as well as the normal working day, so you can discuss which option would work best for your company.

When external digital advertising screens are part of your long-term campaign, you will start to build up recognition and trust with consumers, which is the main goal for business owners. Although it often does not result in immediate results, it plants the seed as a reference for when people need the product or service.

Industry giants such as Coca-Cola, Amazon and Google recognise this importance and regularly use motorway advertising boards to keep in the minds of their target audiences. However, many up and coming smaller businesses invest in these as a tried and tested advertising strategy, resulting in long term reward and increase in sales.