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3,674,496 Impacts per fortnight

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Digital Advertising Billboards M5 M6

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  • 3,674,496 Impacts per fortnight
  • Europe's Largest Freestanding LED Screen
  • 20 Second advertising segments
  • Located on the M6 / M5 Link
  • Northbound Coverage
  • Southbound Coverage
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Digital Advertising Billboards

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  • Over 1 million people attend an event, conference, match or the Bescot Market a year
  • Additional screen covering the main car park
  • 3 sided
  • 15 second adverts

Where Is The Digital Advertising Billboards

M5/M6 Digital Advertising Billboards

With more commuters on the road than ever before, using digital advertising billboards to sell your brand is an ideal method to reach out to a large number of potential clients while they travel, work, and socialise with no effort.

Outdoor advertising reaches 98% of the population, and there are 53% more automobiles on the road now than there were 30 years ago. This implies that Digital billboard advertising is being seen by more customers now than ever before!

Where Is Our Digital Advertising Billboard Located?

Our M5/M6 digital advertising billboards couldn't be more visible, and it's in an ideal place to capture the attention of approaching vehicles. It affects nearly 3.6 million people every two weeks and is located on one of the UK's busiest highways! This is a smart investment in terms of assured returns, increased brand presence, and brand recognition. We are also known as Europe's largest freestanding advertising billboard!

The billboard advertising screen's smart location targets visitors visiting nearby prominent consumer destinations such as IKEA, The Broadwalk Retail Park, and Gallagher Shopping Park.

Midpoints UK billboard advertising is ideally located outside Walsall Football Club's stadium, and the Rugby and Golf clubs are nearby. The regular Sunday Bescot Market, with over 300 vendors, is also hosted outside the football stadium, bringing a considerable weekly footfall.

Advertise on Midpoint LED’s Digital Advertising Billboard

As a leading provider of digital advertising billboards, we understand what works and how to maximise our reach. We will consult with you to determine how we can best convey the message you want to convey.

Our eye-catching double billboards provides full northbound and southbound coverage, as well as 20-second advertising portions, ensuring that your company receives adequate daily exposure. With clean and high-quality image and video, it will do your commercial justice. You can be certain that the bright and vivid screen will catch the eye of the driver and make them take notice!

We also have the option of advertising on a separate somewhat smaller triple screen to cover all sides, as well as the main stadium parking area and adjacent retail park. We provide 15-second advertisements on this screen, which are ideal for increasing coverage.

The Benefits of digital advertising billboards to Your Business

Because of the large number of people it reaches on a daily basis, external digital advertising billboards are acknowledged as a valuable advertising approach. People cannot turn it off like TV or radio, nor do they need to buy something like a newspaper to view your advertisement.

Billboard advertising works as a sort of disruption marketing, attracting attention while the target population is going about their everyday lives. Digital billboard advertising is difficult to overlook and has a clear high reach of people every day for a very low cost.

The primary purpose of every advertising effort is to increase brand recall. Billboard advertising plays a significant role in this, as repeated exposure in prominent locations increases the likelihood that consumers will remember and purchase from your company. People frequently drive the same routes for work each day, so if the same advertisement is placed on several days, it will be easily remembered.

Digital advertisements may be targeted both during and outside of typical business hours, so you can debate which option is ideal for your organisation.

When you include external digital advertising billboards in your long-term strategy, you will begin to create customer awareness and trust, which is the primary aim for business owners. Although it does not always produce instant benefits, it does plant the seed as a reference for when consumers require the product or service.

Industry titans such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, and Google realise its significance and often employ digital advertising billboards to keep their target customers in mind. However, many newer, smaller firms invest in these as a tried-and-true advertising approach, resulting in long-term rewards and sales growth.