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Are you prepared to give your company even more exposure? There's nowhere else to look! Not only can the promotional LED displays from Midpoint LED give your audience with an engaging experience, but they can also be utilised as a source of advertising for years to come.

Why Choose Advertising LED Screens in walsall?

Our Walsall advertising LED screens on the M5/M6 offer stunning visuals with unparalleled brightness and clarity thanks to state-of-the-art technology. Your message will be obvious even amidst the hustle and activity of the motorway.
You may fully tailor your advertising plan with our adjustable displays. Whether you're marketing a product, a service, or an event, we provide flexible solutions that are catered to your unique needs.

Advertising LED Screens on the motorway

Walsall advertising LED Screens you can trust

Make confident investments! Because our outdoor LED advertising screens in Walsall are weatherproof, they will function dependably and robustly in any environment. It is certain that Midpoint LED will keep your message bright rain or shine.

The deal is just the start of our commitment to your success. You can feel secure in the knowledge that your advertising LED screens in Walsall are always operating at peak efficiency and providing you with the best advertising in the UK thanks to our dedication to providing outstanding support and maintenance services.

M5/M6 advertising LED screens in Walsall

We at Midpoint LED recognise the value of your time and money. Because of the ease of use and installation of our advertising LED screen, you may achieve maximum effect with the least amount of work.

With our location-based targeting, you can come in close contact with the people you want to reach. By putting our strategically positioned advertising LED screen along major highways, we ensure that as many potential buyers as possible see them.

Advertising LED Screens

Make a Statement with advertising LED screen in Walsall!

Don't let the opportunity to influence the people you are trying to get in touch with pass you by. You are greeted by a multitude of happy clients who have previously experienced the Midpoint LED difference. By utilising eye-catching and effective advertising LED screens, you may improve your brand.

Let us help you maximise the potential of your brand on Midpoint's LED advertising screens in Walsall by scheduling a free consultation.

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3,674,496 Impacts per fortnight

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Motorway based Advertising LED Screens

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  • 3,674,496 Impacts per fortnight
  • Europe's Largest Freestanding LED Screen
  • 20 Second advertising segments
  • Located on the M6 / M5 Link
  • Northbound Coverage
  • Southbound Coverage
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Advertising LED Screens by Midpoint LED

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  • Over 1 million people attend an event, conference, match or the Bescot Market a year
  • Additional screen covering the main car park
  • 3 sided
  • 15 second adverts

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